A Note About Purchasing My Work

I don’t expect people to spend a bunch of money here. Getting rich with photography has never been a goal. If you do purchase something, it’s important to know that I don’t set the prices or make any money off my work. SmugMug.com gets it all.   Frankly, I am never alerted when a purchase is made

However, if you do find something you like, purchase, and display it in your home, take a snapshot and send it to me at Rob@RobinsonsCloud.com. Knowing that someone liked something I did would be pretty flattering


On Robinson's Cloud I tried to be true to the principles of photography. I admit, most of the pics had some limited post processing to clean up colors, contrast & focus. I may have even taken some liberties in changing the skies in a few, and erasing people or obstructions in others. But, in general, they still look like photographs.

On my sister site AlteredAura.com I have posted my work, which is more abstract, impressionistic, and surreal. In general, they no longer look like photos.

Like my wife affectionately says, “they are those pictures you do that weirdy stuff to.” Check them out when you get a chance.

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Welcome To Robinsons Cloud...

Thanks for taking the time to visit RobinsonsCloud.com. I suspect that you are here by accident, you know me, or you know someone that knows me. Regardless, your visit is greatly appreciated.

I originally named this site “My Life In Photographs”. However, since there is so much of my life I don’t share in photos, I needed a new title. One, which more accurately represents what “part” of my life photography reflects. So, I looked across the thousands of pictures I have taken over the last 40 years to see what they say about me. Several things popped out.

The first, there are very few pictures with people in them. I have taken “snapshots” over the years, but very little that I have found to be artistic. Not completely sure why. I suspect that when you purposely take someone’s picture for something other then just a snapshot, there is a shared intimacy between subject and the photographer that I guess I have never been quite comfortable with. There is a photographer, Danny Damian ( www.DannyDamianphotography.com ) on TicTok that goes by the tag @DannyDamianphoto who is amazing at taking pictures of strangers that tell a story. I wish I could do what he does as well as he does. A bucket list item for me is to do more of this, get better and tell stories. Any volunteers to be a subject?

The second thing I learned is that each picture reflects a very private moment; an instance in time and a view on the world that’s not shared with anyone. While others may be around, I am the only one looking through the lens and sees what I see.

Lastly, my photography has always been a “happy place”. Unlike a lot of photographers, I am not drawn to controversy, thought provoking, dark or difficult subjects. When I take a picture, my intent is always to capture something happy, beautiful, awe inspiring, peaceful and reverent. I want to capture the best of what God has to offer and boast that only he could have uniquely created the composition. I want to say to the world, when you see beautiful things that flow from nature, how can you not believe and worship God.

Anyway thanks for visiting. Drop me a note at Rob@RobinsonsCloud.com and give me your thoughts, feedback and insight. Both good and bad, it’s greatly appreciated. Oh, and the title? I still got nothing so for now it will just be “Robinson’s Cloud”😊